The Glenleighden School offers a unique approach to therapeutic intervention embedded within the Australian Curriculum.

The multidisciplinary team consists of speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapist, music therapist, psychologist, counsellor and chaplain.

Upon enrolment, the therapy team assesses the student’s needs to inform the development of their individualised plan. The therapy and education teams then work together to develop a unique integrated program of learning and skill development for each student.

  • As speech, language and related disorders are the primary barrier to learning, language development is emphasised in all areas of the school program. It is also formally taught through explicit instruction as learning language is not the effortless process for these students as it would appear to be for…

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  • Speech, language and related disorders are often associated with developmental difficulties in areas such as motor, perception and sensory. Occupational therapists work as part of the multidisciplinary school team to enable participation and improve access to the curriculum and school environment. Students are engaged in school based activities to…

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  • Many students with speech, language and related disorders present with cooccurring difficulties in motor development. The physiotherapist works in small groups to develop motor planning, core strength, stability and motor base learning. There is also a focus on building endurance, which is important for sustained and coordinated efforts when…

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  • Music therapy actively supports students to improve their health, functioning and wellbeing. Music is motivating, multisensory and supports learning development. At The Glenleighden School, music therapy groups address a range of individual goals, such as social emotional wellbeing, movement and academic skills.

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  • The psychologist plays an important role in the behaviour, attention and mental health needs of students. Parental needs for support and education can also be addressed on a needs basis. The psychologist works closely with the school counsellor to support the overall wellbeing of Glenleighden students.

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  • The school counsellor provides social and emotional support to students in all year levels encompassing Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Gestalt Therapy practices. With an emphasis on resilience, self-esteem and managing anxiety, the counsellor works closely with students, respective teaching staff and family members to ensure support is consistent and…

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