The Glenleighden School will soon become Mancel College

Marking the twentieth anniversary of its founder’s retirement, The Glenleighden School will be renamed Mancel College on 11 July 2022.

The current website will remain online until we launch our new website in upcoming weeks.
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The Glenleighden School provides a specialised program to meet the learning needs of children with a disability for whom language is their primary barrier to accessing curriculum. We cater for students from prep to year 12 and welcome applicants for all of these levels.  We are happy to take enquiries from parents, educators and/or other professionals.

The best way to enquire about enrolments or find out more about The Glenleighden School is to fill out the form below, or email the Enrolments Team. You can also call on (07) 3378 8625.


In order to be eligible for enrolment at The Glenleighden School, the Enrolments Team work to ascertain that a severe language disorder is the primary barrier to learning for an applicant. For many of our students their primary diagnosis is Developmental Language Disorder (DLD); a hidden disability that severely impacts their classroom functioning. Further to this, we also support students who present with a language disorder associated with another diagnosis.

Our Enrolments Team will collect information to generate a profile of your child’s strengths and areas of need in order to determine their suitability for our program. All relevant information must be fully and accurately disclosed for consideration in determining eligibility. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the enrolment process.


Step 1: School Tour

As the first step in our application process, we encourage all families to come and tour our school and meet the Enrolments Team. This is a valuable opportunity to discuss your child’s support requirements within the context of our program and enrolment eligibility requirements.

Step 2: Enrolment Application & Documentation

Following your tour and these discussions, the Enrolments Team will then invite you to submit a formal application, along with a non-refundable $500 application fee and relevant supporting documentation:

  • A report from a speech language pathologist, including the results of a standardised language assessment
  • Evidence of non-verbal cognitive skills
  • A hearing assessment report
  • Relevant paediatrician and medical reports
  • Birth certificate and visa documentation (if applicable)

Parents are also recommended to submit:

  • Current Individual Education Plans (IEPs)/Individual Learning Plans (ILPs)
  • Current therapy reports
  • Current school progress reports

The safety of our prospective students is important to us. Therefore, we ask all applicants to disclose any care arrangements for your child and provide copies of existing court orders regarding legal requirements relating to custody.

The Enrolments Team will review all available documentation at this time and advise you of any further information that is required.

Step 3: Interview and Assessment

At this point we invite your family to meet with the Principal to discuss your family’s specific needs. At the same time our Allied health Service Coordinator will conduct a brief and engaging 1:1 assessment of your child to determine eligibility.

Step 4: Educational Observation and Outcome

At this point your child may be offered a place at The Glenleighden School or alternatively a visit to their current educational setting may be required. Placements are offered based on student profile, enrolment criteria and vacancies. All enrolments are at the principal’s discretion.


If your application is successful, you will receive a letter of offer from our Principal via email. If your child meets eligibility criteria and there is no available vacancy, they will be placed on a waitlist. Upon receipt of signed acceptance and $1250 enrolment deposit, you are invited to attend a meeting with the Principal to complete all enrolment documentation.


The Glenleighden School aims to be accessible to all students who meet the criteria for placement.

For information on our school fees, please download our:


  • We have ongoing Tour and Explore sessions at TGS. Next date to be announced soon. The tour will give you an excellent insight on how our teachers, occupational, speech and physiotherapists combine their unique skills to deliver a holistic program of learning focused on the individual. Fill the form below…

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We put the interests of others above our own and actively seek out opportunities to help.


We love what we do and show this through our enthusiasm, energy and positive mindset.


We have high expectations of ourselves and each other, and continually strive to be better tomorrow than we were today.


We accept responsibility, do what is expected of us and are answerable to each other.


We are friendly, generous and considerate in everything we do.


We deliberately enable others, develop their agency and voice, and are committed to their success.


We show through our everyday actions that we value others as unique individuals, entitled to our high regard and dignity; honouring their difference and contribution.

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