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Parents, Staff and Friends

Our parents, staff and friends association aims to enhance the wonderful work performed by SALDA through its delivery of its School Support Service and The Glenleighden School. We participate as a community of interest that is dedicated to the wellbeing of our school, children, parents, TGS staff and the wider community.

  • Vanessa Hollis


    Welcome to TGS. I’m a working mum of two – Asher age 7 and Henry 9. Henry commenced at TGS in 2018. He has formed some lovely relationships across the school and continues to thrive here. I chose to be involved in the PS&F because I’m passionate about the school and wanted to find a small way to give back. The PS&F is a great way to network with other parents, get involved in what’s happening in the school and contribute to events that are centred around our children and families.

  • Caroline Smeaton

    Vice President

  • Tony O’Mahony


    My grandson Lincoln was 9 and couldn’t read. After numerous assessments he was diagnosed with serious phonological deficiencies. This was yet another disability I had never heard of. It was recommended he go to The Glenleighden School which also I had never heard of. His progress since last year has been astonishing and he embraces learning instead of fighting it.

    What’s my history? UK born. Emigrated in 1966. The best thing I ever did. I have always worked in Finance, and latterly in Merchant Banking before moving into tertiary education at QUT where I have been for 25 years. I discovered how much I loved teaching. I am a qualified accountant and (I think) an accomplished financial analyst. My last volunteer role was as Treasurer of Taringa Rovers SFC, and, yes, I love football (& cricket).

  • Jenny Gibson


    I’m a small business owner and mum of 2 – Emily 10 and Daniel 7. Daniel commenced TGS in 2020 after a long journey of diagnosis, therapy and research to find his tribe. He is thriving at school and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. I chose to be involved in the PS&F as a way of giving back to the place that has welcomed him with open arms and made him feel comfortable enough to show his true self.

  • Michelle Newesome

    Tuckshop Coordinator

The PS&F is currently supporting the following TGS initiatives:

  • New library books
  • Open Day/Sports Day barbeques
  • Concert and school camp contribution
  • Playground upgrade
  • Tuckshop
  • Fundraising
  • Social events



Bank Account:

Account Name: TGS Parents, Staff and Friends
BSB: 484-799
Account Number: 17-001-5202


The PS&F meets on the last Tuesday of every month at 7pm via Zoom.

Upcoming Meetings (2022)

  • 22 February
  • 29 March
  • 26 April
  • 31 May
  • 28 June
  • 26 July
  • 30 August
  • 27 September
  • 25 October
  • 29 November

You can also stay connected by following the Glenleighden Families Facebook page.



We put the interests of others above our own and actively seek out opportunities to help.


We love what we do and show this through our enthusiasm, energy and positive mindset.


We have high expectations of ourselves and each other, and continually strive to be better tomorrow than we were today.


We accept responsibility, do what is expected of us and are answerable to each other.


We are friendly, generous and considerate in everything we do.


We deliberately enable others, develop their agency and voice, and are committed to their success.


We show through our everyday actions that we value others as unique individuals, entitled to our high regard and dignity; honouring their difference and contribution.

Our partners

  • Non Schools Organisation
  • QLD Government
  • Independent Schools QLD
  • Griffith University