Parents, Staff and Friends

Our parents, staff and friends association aims to enhance the wonderful work performed by SALDA through its delivery of its School Support Service and The Glenleighden School. We participate as a community of interest that is dedicated to the wellbeing of our school, children, parents, TGS staff and the wider community.

  • Bradley Hall


    I’m a father of 2 boys, Nate (5) & Hugo (6), married to my beautiful wife Fiona of 10 years. Nate was diagnosed ASD from 2 1/2 years old and the struggles began early. But after a great year at AEIOU, we were so lucky to have been accepted into TGS at the beginning of the term 2018. The last 2 terms have been so good for Nate, so proud of the steps he’s making. I’ve always had an interest in P&C’s, although I didn’t seek the role I’ve taken up, it has been such an enlightening experience, you can be part of some fundamental changes to the schools future and help influence in a positive way your children’s day to day experience. We have some very exciting times ahead and I encourage every parent to come along or if you can’t make it, check out the schools page for PS&F updates or even email us directly.

  • Caroline Smeaton

    Vice President

  • Tony O’Mahoney


    My grandson Lincoln was 9 and couldn’t read. After numerous assessments he was diagnosed with serious phonological deficiencies. This was yet another disability I had never heard of. It was recommended he go to The Glenleighden School which also I had never heard of. His progress since last year has been astonishing and he embraces learning instead of fighting it.

    What’s my history? UK born. Emigrated in 1966. The best thing I ever did. I have always worked in Finance, and latterly in Merchant Banking before moving into tertiary education at QUT where I have been for 25 years. I discovered how much I loved teaching. I am a qualified accountant and (I think) an accomplished financial analyst. My last volunteer role was as Treasurer of Taringa Rovers SFC, and, yes, I love football (& cricket).

  • Anna Turnbull


  • Vanessa Hollis


    I’m a working mother of two – Asher age 3 and Henry 6 and wife to Glenn. Henry commenced at TGS early childhood in 2018 and has already made some great friends and learned so much. I chose to be involved in the PS&F because I’m passionate about the school and wanted to find a small way to contribute. I didn’t set out to have an official role on the PS&F but I’ve found the role of secretary (shared with fellow EC Mum Anna) a great way to get across what’s happening and support the staff, students and parents through fundraising and raising awareness.

Membership as at August 2018:

  • Bradley Hall
  • Anna Turnbull
  • Tony O’Mahoney
  • Natalie Turner
  • Carole Smeaton
  • Jan Morey
  • Gary & Elaine Dionysius
  • Carol Campbell
  • Len Doo
  • Vanessa Hollis
  • Minna Watson
  • Karen Wallace
  • Reagan Seldon

The PS&F is currently supporting the following TGS initiatives:

  • New library books
  • Ipad upgrades
  • Tasty Tuesdays
  • Annual Legends Lunch for Language 12 October 2018
  • TGS School Concert 13 September 2018


Bank Account:

Account Name: TGS Parents, Staff and Friends

BSB: 084-263

Account Number: 56-802-3467


Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of every month i.e.

  • 31/7/18
  • 28/8/18
  • 25/9/18
  • 30/10/18
  • 27/11/18

Reminders are sent out to the student body via newsletter and email 1 week prior.


Parent Coffee Mornings

Coffee mornings are held on the first Tuesday of every month and are organised by Jilanna Craig, School Chaplain.

Jilanna Craig-

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