15 Sep

Unfortunately, due to the weather preparations for tonight’s concert have been affected. However, the concert will still go ahead as we do not wish, for a second time, to disappoint the children who have worked so hard.  We are looking forward to seeing you here and enjoying your child’s performance.

As part of our contingency plan we have organised to use the multi-purpose room, at the back of the school for the concert.  Staff will direct you on your arrival.

Due to the size of the room we will need to stagger the performances and limit the audience size for each performance.  We therefore ask for parents and guardians cooperation by attending only your child’s performance in the multi-purpose room.  Chairs will be provided for adults only and we ask that siblings bring their own cushion for front row viewing.

We are organising to have the performances streamed into the library for waiting families or families who would like to see the entire show.

The finale will regrettably not be able to be performed this evening, however we will organise for the children to perform it during an upcoming assembly.

If you plan on only attending to watch your child’s performance tonight, we recommend arrival times as follows:


School Level

Arrival Times

Performance Time

Early Childhood 6pm to classrooms 6:30pm
Junior School 6:20pm to classrooms 6:50pm
Middle School 6:40pm to classrooms 7:10pm
Senior School 7:pm to classrooms 7:30pm

** If you have ordered hotdogs please arrive 15-20 mins earlier than the above time!


We did consider option B of our contingency plan to use another venue close by. However, we felt keeping the performance in familiar surroundings would be in the best interests of the children.  We are happy to say bad weather is a rare occurrence and we hope our 2017 concert will be not only subject to good weather but bigger than ever.

If you have any concerns, please contact me to discuss further.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding to make tonight a positive experience for our excited and dedicated students.

Kind regards


Debra Creed