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The Glenleighden School

The Glenleighden School was established in 1979 and is operated by CHI.L.D. Association. This specialised school is located in Fig Tree Pocket in Brisbane’s western suburbs. The school caters specifically for children with severe and specific childhood language, communication and related disorders and is the only facility of its kind in Australia.  The school caters for children from preparatory through to secondary schooling. It provides comprehensive, intensive multi-disciplinary programs which are highly individualised, addressing the full scope of the students’ developmental and learning needs. There are four distinct levels in the school, Early Childhood, Junior School, Middle School and Senior School.

The Glenleighden School uses a model of integrated, specialist service and constantly aims to be a ‘centre of excellence’ in this field of disability. Situated in a quiet bush setting, Glenleighden resembles a small, friendly country school. This is very important for the students who can be overwhelmed in a mainstream school environment where they feel ‘different’ and where their language, learning and social needs cannot always be comprehensively addressed.

The school’s philosophy is that communication and learning disabilities must be viewed in the context of the whole child and that self-confidence, self-esteem and achievement in life come from a belief in one’s ability to face and overcome obstacles. Thereby the school motto is:

TGS High School Students

Achievement over Adversity

The aim of Glenleighden is to prepare students, wherever possible, to return to mainstream schools. Intensive attention is given to social education as well as academic and therapy needs. Support for students who have made the transition into mainstream schools is available through CHI.L.D.’s School Support Service, while early learning programs and individual therapy are offered through the Speech & Language Development Australia Clinics for an additional fee.

The Glenleighden School Annual Report

pdf_downloadThe Glenleighden School Annual Report 2016