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Cae Ashton. Head of School Cae Ashton
Head of School

Welcome to The Glenleighden School

For over thirty years The Glenleighden School has supported students with Primary Language Disorder to make sense of the world around them and successfully access learning to life beyond our school. Our extended school community is a very proud group of dedicated staff, students, families and friends who strongly advocate for the needs of young people who have little or no voice of their own.

Achievement over Adversity

It is the chief aim of The Glenleighden School to support children and young people with language disorders to achieve their educational and personal potential. We do this by providing comprehensive, intensive multi-disciplinary programs.

To speak without meaning...
To hear without comprehending...
To see without understanding...

Imagine you are in a foreign country or, even worse, on another planet! You don't speak the language, you can't understand what people are saying to you and you can't make your needs known. You can hear what is being said, but no matter how hard you listen, you can't comprehend it and you can't even communicate the fact that you don't understand.
That is what life is like every day for children with severe speech and language disorders.
CHI.L.D. Association provides a variety of services to support assessment and diagnosis, treatment, education and research for students and families across Queensland and Australia.